Your Recovery Care - With Wings

Enhance mental health caregiving with collaborative care and data driven treatment.

Let’s Build This Together

Together we can improve mental health RECOVERY

Maximize Your Behavioral Health Services

Recovery Outcomes

Improved Adherence and Successful Recovery

Cost Reduction

Collaborative care and interventions to reduce readmission

Population Health

Increase Case Manager Productivity

Earning Gains

Reimbursement for implementing Collaborative Care Model

For Mental Health & Primary Care SERVICE Providers

Person-Centric Collaboration

Quality of Life For Those in Your Care Caseload
Efficiency & Program Scalability

Data-Driven & Evidence Based Recovery Process
360° of Collaborative Care & Continuum of Care

What used to plague you as “lack of data” and “lack of bandwidth” can now be replaced with a solution that significantly reinforces the impact of your team’s care, boosting recovery rates and improving the efficiency with which the team manages caseloads.

With The Person In Recovery At Its Center

A Digital Mental Health Recovery Platform

Peloton App

Track. Connect. Engage.

Treatment Adherence & Self Journal

Personalized Recovery Plan

Peloton AI Phenotyping

Collect. Detect. Reflect. Act

Digital Bio-Markers

Actionable Insights & Alerts

Peloton Care

Manage. Measure. Engage.

Unified Client Record – 360° Holistic View

Evidence Based Workflows & Templates

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